Starting again

I started writing in a computer online and offline around 1984. Before that I started half a dozen notebooks, filled them half way each time and lost them at some point. I like to write with a pen, but I don't like my calligraphy and am not interested enough on it to practice and make it better. Maybe some day, when I learn to play the guitar too.

With the computer the text is always tidy, I can edit and rewrite and it always look good. That is a big bonus for me. I remember reading many years ago (I think in a book called 'The Second Self' that some kids were given computers and they used them to program turtles, write and play, but one of them has the same thinking about how tidy was everything in the screen, even when you printed it. I remember feeling that I have found someone who has the same reasoning, and that was interesting, because I really haven't met that person before. Sometimes I have strange ideas.

Although the text is a lot more tidy, the problem of losing it was still present. Changing the computer brand meant that the text was gone (how could you move files from a Sinclair 2068 to a PC?), then getting  diskette crushed meant more text lost, then getting new hard disks meant that the file copies were not as complete as they should and more content got lost.

At some point I made my own applications to have it finally safe, which I called 'Papelito', but it was around the time when Evernote was published and the text looked nicer on it, so back I went to lose more notes.

Once web pages became popular I moved some notes to Blogger, or to one of the many domains I got along time. I think that I closed the blogger account, and my domains were forgotten and lost, or I lost the site content, or one update or another mangled the database without hope (where the hope is to have it sorted in an hour or so).

The last set of domains were in WordPress (hosted in my own servers), until I got tired of messing around PHP (I am not a PHP programmer, and it is one of the few programming ecosystems where I am not interested to enter).

I managed to recover many articles and put them into Ghost, which I hosted in a virtual server, and had all scripted to work and update by the click of a button. (I did a lot of scripting with Python Fabric at the time). But again, one update or the other messed up things (I think it was around the SSL certificates getting broken), and in the end I just deleted them all and left the domains empty.

Now I am doing things differently. I forgot the history. Most of what I wrote was said too many times already, or was irrelevant at the time and ridiculous right now. the notes that I keep for myself (and are usually private) I still have around, and they are still private. But the public posts, they are all gone and now I start again fresh.

The hosting is in a virtual server again, and now I am using Docker. I have all my stuff in Docker now, and need a very compelling reason to not use it. I have some databases hosted directly in their server, but I am planning to move them to Docker at some point.

The scripting is with Ansible. I am planning to keep my scripts up to date. I am hosting my own version control in GitLab, and my own Docker Registry (again in GitLab, although I am thinking on testing Portus and I tried using DockerHub, GitHub, and Bitbucket. Every time I got nervous about leaking something and left them astray. I expect things will be different hosting my own servers.

Anyway, this is a fresh start. Let's see where it goes.