Riding Rockets, by Mike Mullane

In the same lines of 'The Right Stuff', this are the stories of the first set of crews that took the Space Shuttle to orbit.

Mike Mullane grew up in an Irish family, went to a catholic school and then the Air Force, and has no sense of being politically correct. I didn't go to the Air Force (I wanted to join the Navy in Argentina, but I was too short sight to pass the acceptance criteria), but in the other areas I can relate to his experiences being part of a society.

The book starts on how he trimmed his record to only show the good parts to the comitee in NASA while applying as an astronaut, and follow on the fear of not being selected to fly and the fear of not knowing if the Shuttle was going to explode on the way out.

In the end he went three times to space, and his other adventures are equally interesting. He does not trim the non flattering parts of them, and left me wondering what their colleagues and previous employers thought about this book.

In the end, I am glad he wrote it, I highly recommend it if you are interested in space.