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How to change an issue status in Bitbucket during push

I am using Bitbucket a lot more than usual, and keep finding interesting bits and pieces.

For my own reference, here is a list of the commands to change the issue state while pushing to Bitbucket.

Action Command Keyword Examples
resolve an issue
  • close
  • closed
  • closes
  • closing
  • fix
  • fixed
  • fixes
  • resolve
  • resolves
  • resolved
  • resolving

close #845

fix bug #89

fixes issue 746

resolving #3117

reopen an issue
  • reopen
  • reopens
  • reopening

reopen #746

reopening #78

mark an issue on hold
  • hold
  • holds
  • holding

holds #123

mark an issue wontfix
  • wontfix

wontfix #12

mark an issue invalid
  • invalidate
  • invalidates
  • invalidated
  • invalidating

invalidates #45

link to a changeset for the issue
  • addresses
  • re
  • references
  • ref
  • refs
  • see

re bug #55

see #34 and #456

The commands needs to be all lowercase, and seems to be doing the trick. Just to keep a real life example, I did a small project in Bitbucket to follow the history of an issue.

You can check the details in Bitbucket.

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Ask git to remember your credentials

I searched for the tenth time how to tell git to remember my credentials in github, then it is time to make a little note to myself.

I am running a few instances of Ubuntu, and each time I want to make a pull from Github I need to enter my username and password.

To tell git to remember them, just do

git config credential.helper store

and then

git pull

After entering name and password one last time, those details will be remembered later. The credentials are stored in the disk, with the disk permissions. In my case, that is good enough.

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