Liveish in AWS

A short post today, because I am ready to go to sleep.

Putting an hour here and there today, finally the servers are live in Amazon, and doing part of the trick. I realised that there are problems with the data, but I am sure we will be able to sort them out tomorrow.

The site is not open to the public yet, but hopefully it will be out soon. I am a very happy monkey today! And now it is time to go back to side projects for real!

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4 thoughts on “Liveish in AWS

  1. Magoo

    You are my hero. :)
    I still have not the courage to do a deploy on AWS and therefore subcontract service
    Quoting Lady Gaga: “Applause, applause”

  2. Eduardo Post author

    Will you be interested in having a look at it? I have all the tools scripted around, at least for deployments. It is really handy to try things at scale, or to do a quick check with a live customer whithout being scared of breaking something that already works.
    We can have a go at Skype shared desk and go through the steps, should not take much longer than a couple of hours. And I can get a couple of hours of training at the shooting range during my next visit.

  3. Magoo

    It’s a great idea! Love it! With your company might not be as hard as it seems topic (Some expressions in my rusty English think they’re staying as “sending fruit” :) ). If your eyes hurt, let me know)
    I still refuse to administer servers, that’s my big “Denial” with AWS (For quite a while ago that is not among my skills). My new project with Ruby will be a good opportunity for this, so, I take the floor (may-june I hope)

  4. Eduardo Post author

    Yes, your English is even weirder than mine, which is quite an achievement. Make sure to not give real arrows to your sister, because she will kill you in outrage.
    I am available from 22 to 24, Dublin time (that will be four hours earlier in Argentina. Will that suit you? If not, we can try earlier during the weekend. A couple of hours in Skype and you should be flying, AWS documentation is confusing, but the task is simple and can be scripted in Python (I already have a bunch of scripts already done, covering most of a development deployment)

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