Kanban and Pomodoro

One of the things I do with Evernote is to keep a log of my activities at work.The idea is to make my life easier when I am asked what I was doing in the last few days.

It goes fine, except that very frequently it contains only one line indicating that I started doing something, or that I stay working on the same as the day before. What happens is that after I start a non trivial task I get a better understanding, and it end up in many small things, that I forget to note (because I am doing them, instead of writing!).

Since I put my 20 cents kanban in place, each time a new sub task appear it goes as a stickie to my ‘Ready’ page, which takes only a second (being the same to scribble in a todo list or in a stickie).

When it moves to the ‘In progress’ page, the first thing I do is to start a pomodoro (at the moment I am using Promodoro in the iPhone). Making a pencil line in the stickie each time it ends is trivial, and at the end of the day I just count them, divide by two and write the date besides.

Less than a minute a day and my reporting is done, and visible for everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Kanban and Pomodoro

  1. Magoo

    You dance the “dance of the engineer” every 40/50 minutes? Or use the technique pomodoro only like a real kitchen alarm (powered by iphone)? :)

    However, check the stickie is an excellent idea. Is more visual than my timestamp at the start and finish the job.

    Nos vemos

  2. Eduardo Post author

    I forgot the victory dance of the engineers! Those were kind of interesting times :)
    But not, I am using Promodoro with a 25 minutes lapse, and 5 of break.
    After firing it goes to the background and beep when the time is done, like a hardware timer (it was more expensive than the 10/20 cents for experiments, but works well, costs less than the cheapest timer, and I usually have the iPhone around either way).

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