Monthly Archives: May 2008

The autobiography of Benvenutto Cellini

I just finished reading “The autobiography of Benvenutto Cellini” from the Project Gutenberg. The guy was an extremely interesting character, and his works are magnificent.

I first read about him during my childhood, in a primary school encyclopedia, where they talked about his debate on being a soldier or stay as an artist (even than he remained as artist, he was armed all the time and took part in a lot of fights and a war or two). That caught my attention and I remembered the name, and I saw one of his works when we went to Paris, but never read anything else about him until a few months ago, when an article from Bruce Sterling in Make magazine mentioned the file in Project Gutenberg.

It makes an interesting reading for the bus, because the chapters are short and deal with one anecdote only. Most ot them are very interesting, some of are plain weird, and most show the different mindsets that people had 500 years ago.

The last point that captured my attention: while working in a statue a piece of metal cut one of his eyes and stayed there, and after a few days a doctor drive it off using the blood of a few pigeons. After the episode he recon that his eyesight was much better than before. It looks to me like a very old laser eye surgery, without laser or surgeon :).

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WordPress user/password problem

I was having problems with my login in WordPress. The first time everything worked fine, I went in and created a new user with my name (instead of the admin user), loged out as admin and in again as the new user (Eduardo), did my first post and shut down the computer.

Next day I tried to log and get kicked out, tried to regenerate the password and the validation failed. In the end I followed the instructions in the WordPress phpMyAdmin guide and changed the password again. Doing that I realized that the email address of admin and my new account were the same, so I changed them as well.

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